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Kaman Corporation

Propelling Our Customers Forward by Imagining and Delivering Highly-Engineered Solutions

Our Strategy

A culture of innovation combined with strategic acquisitions results in industry leading brands continually growing shareholder value.

Since 1945, Kaman has promoted the spirit of discovery, extending our reach across aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications through innovative and precise engineering. By bringing targeted acquisitions into our culture of innovation, we increase our product portfolio and gain new efficiencies in the production of precision mission critical products. As an OEM and producer of subassemblies, components, and parts, our customers turn to us first when safety, production, transportation, or critical data are on the line.

We exercise a relentless pursuit of scale and margin growth through operational excellence, a brand known for innovation, strong cash flow, and significant liquidity.

The bottom line for investors is a strategically positioned company with sales consistency, new product growth and innovation, an exceptional intellectual property portfolio, and cross-industry reach.

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Financial Strategy

Kaman Brands

Innovation and excellence are reflected in the Kaman brands with each contributing to a portfolio of leading edge solutions, all mission critical across industries.

Each of our Brands is an industry leader, advancing company innovation and our IP portfolio. Our twelve brands work in a unified structure to deliver on a common goal; delivering precision highly engineered products and structures to aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical customers across the globe.

Each brand represents the ongoing quest for excellence, innovation, and growth that sets the stage for Kaman to always be an industrial power house.

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Why Invest?

Kaman investors own a stable, innovative, and growing company with a consistent track record of dividend payments.

At Kaman, innovation never stops. We imagine and deliver highly engineered solutions to diverse markets worldwide. A Kaman investor is investing in a culture of pioneering creations and a strategic vision for acquisitions and continued growth from an established company with over 75 years of breakthroughs behind it.

With sales to long-standing clients across 50+ countries, Kaman is an established and predictable business providing investors with 53 consecutive years of dividend payments. Building upon our established business lines and strong cash flow, experienced corporate governance, ongoing strategic initiatives and disciplined acquisitions have repositioned Kaman for higher growth, faster innovation, greater scale, and heightened profitability for the years to come.

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