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Our Strategy

A brand known for innovation, strong cash flow, and significant liquidity

A culture of innovation combined with strategic acquisitions results in industry-leading brands and continually growing shareholder value.

Since 1945, Kaman has promoted the spirit of discovery, extending our reach across aerospace, defense, industrial, and medical applications through innovative and precise engineering. By bringing targeted acquisitions into our culture of innovation, we increase our product portfolio and gain new efficiencies in the production of precision mission-critical products. As an OEM and producer of subassemblies, components, and parts, our customers turn to us first when safety, production, transportation, or critical data are on the line.

Strategy Highlights


  • Strategic acquisitions strengthen our subsidiaries by bringing new complementary IP, talented employees, and novel best practices.
  • Aircraft wheel and brake market development through the acquisition of Parker Hannifin’s Aircraft Wheel & Brake division
  • Brand marketing for OEM expansion.
  • Expansion of our Engineered Products segment
  • Maintain adequate working capital to employ in acquisitions and new product development.


  • Non-siloed brands work together to increase efficiencies, improve practices, and provide added customer value.
  • Efficient supply chain management through technology
  • A continued focus on innovation to grow the company’s IP portfolio
  • Constant improvement of lean business processes


  • Advancements in our uncrewed aerial vehicles
  • An ongoing commitment to environmental, social, and governance
  • Continual talent development of our human capital
  • Talent acquisition as a core component of the company’s human capital strategy
  • Investments in automation
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Our Future

We are focused on the opportunities before us as we position the company for best-in-class performance.

In all of our businesses, we will continue to focus on consistent improvement while reducing variation and inefficiencies. Kaman is also in the process of streamlining and re-sizing the corporate organization to reflect the current size of the company while also executing SG&A reductions at all business levels.

We will continue EMBRACING TRANSFORMATION. We know the journey to excellence in all that we do has just begun. It takes time to transform, and we remain intently focused on positioning Kaman to deliver long-term shareholder value, just as we have for 77 years

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