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Environmental, Health, and Safety

Kaman is committed to proactively protecting the environment and human health from adverse effects resulting from contamination, pollution, or modification of the environment.

Kaman is also devoted to providing a safe and secure workplace to all our employees. It begins, at minimum, with the company’s policy to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations while carrying out activities at every level of the company. The company fosters an environment that empowers individuals to feel a sense of social responsibility and contribution in these efforts.


Our Founder, Charlie Kaman, believed what sets Kaman apart is our people.

That philosophy continues today. Kaman is committed to being an employer of choice and creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute. We believe in empowering and developing our employees to their fullest potential. Across the business, we invest in strengthening our communities and supporting our local veterans.


Kaman and our Board of Directors are committed to establishing and maintaining robust and transparent governance practices.

The Board meets routinely with senior leadership to review compliance matters, discuss strategic initiatives, financial results and understand issues from our internal and external auditors. The integrity of the Board and leadership is of the utmost importance to create a strong compliance environment at Kaman.

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