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Company History

Kaman Corporation was founded in 1945 by Charles Huron Kaman, an ambitious 26-year-old engineer. With $2,000 invested by two friends, Mr. Kaman started Kaman in his mother’s garage to demonstrate a new rotor concept he developed to make helicopters more stable and easier to fly. 

Over the next half century, Mr. Kaman built the company into a global aviation industry leader and billion-dollar company. As a pioneer in rotary winged flight, Mr. Kaman achieved multiple breakthroughs, including the first gas turbine-powered helicopter, the twin turbine-powered helicopter, the remotely controlled helicopter, and the all-composite rotor blade. Over the years, Mr. Kaman’s helicopters set world records for performance and altitude.

Kaman was founded on innovation, and this culture permeates the entire company. Subsidiaries work together and create new solutions and precision parts. Just as Mr. Kaman gained a worldwide reputation as an inventor and entrepreneur, that spirit still exists today, 87 years since the first Kaman helicopter lifted off and blew away everything that came before it.

Mr. Kaman earned distinguished awards that placed him among the aviation greats like Lindbergh, Doolittle, Armstrong, and Sikorsky. Kaman operates with the same spirit of innovation as when its founder won the National Aeronautic Association’s Wright Brother Memorial Trophy, this nation’s premier aviation award.

Today, Kaman remains the premier company for highly engineered solutions and innovations for the defense industry and medical, industrial, and aerospace.

We do not compromise.

Our Future

Kaman moves into the future with a culture of innovation and a defined plan to acquire businesses that are innovative and complementary to our business model.

We will continue to grow revenues, collaborate between business units, and constantly improve shareholder value through solid and competent corporate governance.

Core Values

Kaman is committed to increasing shareholder value through responsible and robust corporate governance.

We are a culture of innovation committed to value-creating acquisitions that complement our existing IP portfolio and best serve our international clients.

The company is committed to the highest standards of engineered solutions, providing unprecedented value to our customers.

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